All The Classes You Want. No Extra Cost.

Enjoy all the fitness classes you love, without the fitness studio price. Led by amazing instructors, our classes will challenge you to move smarter, push harder and show up inspired day after day. And, with everything from Strength and Cycling to Kickboxing and Yoga, it’s easy to find the class that fits you!



Amazing cardio dance fitness class that combines the hottest routines with the hottest music! Come feel the music and release your spirit. No equipment but a towel necessary!  *for all fitness levels /Group Fitness Room


High Intensity training class that features different workout styles including but not limited to: Tabata Intervals, AMRAPS, EMOM, and workouts for time. This class uses a variety of body weight movements as well as resistance and strength work with Weights/Plates/Kettlebells/Barbells. Modifications available *for all fitness levels/ Functional Fitness Room


Bag work and stations for a full body workout. Learn how to box while getting in a killer upper body, core and cardio sweat sesh! Bring wraps/gloves if you have them for bags. *for all fitness levels/ Group Fitness Room

Core Blast-

This is not your standard "abs class. Experience Pilates inspired class with exercises that promote strength, stability and flexibility utilizing all of the muscles that stem from your core. All done on you mat. Bring your own mat. *for all fitness levels/ Group Fitness Room

Dance Step Fusion-

Get a fun fusion of dance fitness and step aerobics. This class is easy to follow the lead on a step. *for all fitness levels/ Group Fitness Room


This class will push your passion to get fit with perseverance as you complete 5 exercises 10 reps * 10 rounds! This class done in Functional training room and will use equipment ranging from barbells/KB/ Battle Ropes/Ski/Row/Bike/Track and more. *For all fitness levels/Functional Fitness Room

Metcon- (Metabolic Conditioning /High Intensity Resistance Training)

This class offers a circuit style training format utilizing compound exercises to maximize strength and conditioning. Great way to increase your calorie burn during or after workout! This class will use any of the following: TRX/Plates/Barbells/Kettlebells/Row machine/Skier/Assault Bike  *medium to high impact- modifications available. *for all fitness levels/ Functional Training Room


 Learn how to properly lift with dumbbells, barbells and a variety of body weight exercises.  This non-aerobic class brings weight training in a group format. This class will appeal to any level whether you are new or seasoned . Bring your own mat. *for all fitness levels/Group Fitness Room

TriFecta-  (Strength/Cardio/Yoga)

Get a triple threat with weight training and cardio intervals first half of class before ending in gentle yoga. 30/30 min Split. Bring your own mat. *for all fitness levels/ Group Fitness Room

Yoga - (Vinyasa Style)

Pair your breath and postures seamlessly as you move from one pose to the next. Vinyasa style often increases body heat and sweat for an overall strength build that leaves you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out. Bring your own mat. *for all fitness levels/ Group Fitness Room

Gym Mats available for all members. Water bottles available in office for $1.